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In the increasingly digital age we live in, new and emergent technologies are key for cross-industry businesses to stay competitive. That’s why our team at Fractal puts innovation within reach, empowering forward-leaning businesses to accelerate their operations and elevate their efficiency with smarter tech.

We develop robust software programs, discover useful artificial intelligence (AI) applications, leverage data to make better decisions, and guide you toward strategies that solve your key problems. Our trusted engineers, developers, and scientists make sense out of these solutions every step of the way.

Multiple Industries. Flexible Solutions


No matter what products you’re selling, we develop implementable solutions to help you manage inventory, understand customer behavior, maximize conversions, and beyond. In turn, you can reach more prospects and drive sales.

Block Chain

We remove barriers between your business and blockchain, developing seamless decentralized apps, streamlining transactions, and creating new use cases for crypto. In turn, we put cutting-edge tech into motion for your company.


From route planning to real-time deliveries and everything in between, we streamline 360° of your supply chain, implementing time-saving automatons and using predictive modeling to cut unnecessary costs wherever possible.


Within the healthcare industry, the right insight is the make or break between recovery or regression. Artificial intelligence (AI) are digital programs that can identify symptoms, optimize patient pathways, support practitioners, and more.


Global financial institutions and world-class traders rely on real-time digital tools to guide their decisions, execute trades, conduct accurate analyses, and beyond. We power your growth with the dashboards and platforms you need to thrive.

Energy Sector

Whether we’re engineering reservoirs, developing carbon capture tech, or using AI to uncover load balancing solutions, we accelerate the efficiency and output of renewable energy companies and upstream oil and gas producers alike.
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The Fractal Advantage



There are no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approaches to technological integration. That’s why we start by getting to know your business, competition, and beyond.



Once we understand your organization, we take a look at the data driving your bottom line, setting specific goals and determining the optimal strategies.



To make progress toward your goals, we develop holistic models, build actionable applications, and build user interfaces with your team at heart.



After developing the tools, applications, and solutions you need, we set up robust backend support including cloud storage, data management, and more.



After setting your business up with the key products and processes, we stay with you every step of the way through tech support and continuous improvements.

Key Services

Our Solutions


From Full-Stack development to full fledge data solutions we provide our professionals are well versed in state-of-the-art technologies to fulfill our clients most demanding outsourcing requirements.

Big Data

For decision-makers, clear data lends way to better strategies, more effective processes, improved forecasting, and more.

Data Science

We go beyond data alone, implementing predictive technologies to help your business stay ahead of the competition.

Data Visualization

We translate numbers and statistics into useful graphs, charts, and diagrams accessible through easy-to-use dashboards.


We develop networks of physical assets and digital processes, lending way to intelligent infrastructures that keep you on top of your business at all times.

Oil & Gas

Our solutions within the oil and gas industry are centered on efficiency and profitability, developing technologies that make the most out of your data.

Core Competencies


Back-End Development

Business Intelligence

Cloud Computing

Data Engineering

Data Science

Databases and Data Warehousing


Decarbonization Technology


Front-End Development

Oil & Gas Expert Consultancy

QA Engineering

UX/UI Desing



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